Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classic lolita. My outfit is really bright o.o

Hello, everyone! I would like to show you my yesterdays classic lolita outfit! The dress is from Lolita Show, it's a shop with lolita dresses. You can check it here.

This dress, as I expected is a bit to short for lolita, so I used an underskirt with this outfit. I'm also thinking about an additional frill on the bottom. I'm 162cm height, so be aware about the length of this dress. The quality surprised me to be honest. I was sure it will be worse, but dress, which I got have embroidered tulle laces, cotton laces, lining, it was packaged in a plastic bag, everything is made really well. The only one problem is cut - it looks a bit like babydoll. I told them about this and they promised me to improve it next time :) What do you think about this dress?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sometimes I'm casual.

Hello! I'm quite busy last days, but I still remember about you, guys! I think about a giveaway for you. Do you know Zazzle? They can make any print on anything. Sounds awesome, don't you think? They made 3 shirts for me. Here they are!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Polish flag

Hello, lovelies <3 How are you?
Today I was wearing a cute dress from LolitaDressesShop. Sadly, this one is sold out, but they have brown one here.
Usually I don't wear red clothes, but this one is really classy. What do you think about it? Do I look like a polish flag?:D

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New dresses: Long Ears and Sharp Ears, Lost Candy

Some days ago my new dress arrived! It's "The Curtain Is About To Open" Jumper skirt style 1. When I saw it first time I felt in love! I love all colorways, but I have a lot of matching items in blue color, so it was my first choice :)
I also got some extras with this dress! 4 cute postcards, 2 flyers and... Iphone case! Now I need an Iphone...:D
Would you like to read a detailed review of this dress? I can't wait to do a photoshoot with this one!

Check out Long Ears and Sharp Ears on Facebook and storenvy!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Konkurs ze Znakiem!

Ostatnio mało piszę, przepraszam ;_; Ponownie postanawiam poprawę, zobaczymy co z tego wyjdzie. Przez wakacje ciężko było mi się zmobilizować. A jak Wam mijają wakacje?

Mam dla Was konkurs przy współpracy z Wydawnictwem Znak, które zdecydowało się rozdać aż 10 książek Izabeli Sowy "Powrót". Zadanie konkursowe jest proste, ale liczę na Waszą kreatywność!
Opisz miejsce, w którym chciałbyś przeczytać książkę "Powrót". Odpowiedzi zamieszczajcie w komentarzach pod zdjęciem na Facebooku, wybiorę potem 10 z nich, które mnie zainteresują - każdy autor dostanie egzemplarz książki.
Kończymy przyjmowanie zgłoszeń w dniu premiery, czyli 28 sierpnia, godzina 23:59. Następnego dnia opublikuję listę nagrodzonych.

Oczywiście, jeśli nie jesteś fanem Znaku i Lady Sariel - nie obrazimy się jeśli nim zostaniesz ;)

O książce:,ksiazka,5238,Powrot

Poza tym w ramach promocji wszyscy możecie korzystać z kodu rabatowego "SARIEL", który da Wam 35% zniżki na zakupy w Znaku.,oferta,promo_powrot?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=sariel&utm_campaign=powrot

Muszę przyznać, że książkę czytało się całkiem przyjemnie, polecam lekturę. W taką pogodę lubię sobie usiąść przy oknie i poczytać popijając kawę. Polecicie mi jakąś interesującą książkę?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Lovely Shoes dress and shoes

Hello, lovelies! How are you?
I'm still making DIY tutorials for you, but my car is broken, so it takes 3 times more time to go anywhere! It will be fixed within some days, I hope. I don't have good connection with internet right now, so I have more time for my hobbies! I'm in progress with 3 DIY projects!

Today I wanted to show you my really simple outfit. This awesome dress and shoes are sponsored by LovelyShoes. I got them within few days after shipping by FedEx. Sadly, these shoes runs a bit smaller, so if you want to buy them - pick one number up! They are really pretty and comfortable, but a bit too tight ;_; Dress is made of gobelin fabric, with cotton lining. I think it's really nice quality for this price.

Everything else is totally offbrand, bought in local shops.

Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm too sexy.

Hello everyone! I'm really, really busy last days! I'm finishing my study next month! And right now I'm making something really special^^ I will show you what it will be within next days;)

Today photos by Krzysztof!

Dress: Mart of China
Corset: handmade
Leggings: The Gothic Shop
Shoes: Glitzy Wonderland

In summer I will post more about lolita beginnings and some tutorials. I just have to pass some exams first ><' Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Photos by Konrad

I'm visiting my parents right now, but I will reply to all your messages soon! Sorry about the delay! I'm checking every message, don't worry :)

Photo taken by Konrad Olszewski!

Dress and blouse: Lolitadressesshop

Monday, May 5, 2014

Miss Point lolita set - blouse and dress

Two weeks ago I got a set of dress and blouse from Lolitadressesshop. Packaging was really good, communication as well. They sent the package really quickly.

When I opened this package... I fell in love! The dress is made of really soft and awesome fabric - I could sleep on this dress! :D And it's a bit longer than usually - 98cm total length. I took XS size and it's true to size. Link to the dress is here ^^

Blouse is made quite well, it has a detachable jabot. I was wearing it in previous post.

Full outfit, I want to do a photoshoot with this set soon. What do you think about it?

This set is totally adorable and in my opinion 92$ is a really fair price for this dress and you get even a blouse! Great classic lolita starter, I really recommend it! Especially for this quality :)

Friday, May 2, 2014


I have some DIY projects in progress! 3 dresses - photos before and after^^ I will try to make a small tutorial for you as well :) Results soon!

Today photos taken by Światłoczułość!

Blouse: Lolitadressesshop
Shoes: Great Hot Stuff
Corset and skirt: handmade

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mart of China package!

Two weeks ago I got two amazing dresses from Mart of China. I would like to show you my new cute pieces <3

First dress is made of chiffon, have a back zipper. I took S size, measurements from page: bust 82-86cm and I would say it's true to size :) Link to this product on Mart of China

It's a perfect dress for corset in my opinion ;D But I was also wearing it with a waist belt. Looks great ;)

Second dress is navy blue with white collar. I took L size (!) and it fits me very well. Bust measurement on page: 84cm bust, I'm 82cm. Do not look at size. Check measurements ;) It's made quite well, no loose threads or anything. I really recommend it^^ Link to this product on Mart of China.

Can't wait to take more photos wearing them!

Interesting fact for lolitas! They have pony bag replica for 15$, rubik cube bag for 8$, beige lolita bag for 13$, floral coat and many more!