Friday, May 23, 2014

I'm too sexy.

Hello everyone! I'm really, really busy last days! I'm finishing my study next month! And right now I'm making something really special^^ I will show you what it will be within next days;)

Today photos by Krzysztof!

Dress: Mart of China
Corset: handmade
Leggings: The Gothic Shop
Shoes: Glitzy Wonderland

In summer I will post more about lolita beginnings and some tutorials. I just have to pass some exams first ><' Wish me luck!


  1. Boskie! Ostatnie wymiata :-D

    P.S. Prostowałaś włosy?

  2. Ładnie. :)
    O, już kończysz studia! Brawo!

  3. Całość wygląda bardzo ciekawie.

  4. Hi Sariel, your look is awesome, and the photos are great :) Anyway I just hit the follow button, greetings from Indonesia~ I wish you luck for the exams.

  5. Seriously? 'Too sexy'? Have you ever seen how ugly your nose is? It's like the ugliest nose i've ever seen! Same with your eyes :/