Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review The Gothic Shop - Brocade Dress and Velvet Jacket

Red Brocade Knee Length Dress from The Gothic Shop
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Stock photo:

My photo:

The dress is made of jacquard fabric, has lining with tulle on the bottom. Straps are elastic, finished with really cute laces. Could be made a bit smaller because of front lacing. One elastic tape on back, so it would work with bust bigger than mine ;)

Size XS - UK8

Measurements from site:
Bust: 82 - 86 cm
Waist: 62 - 66 cm

My flat measurements:
Bust: 80 - 88 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Lenght: 95 cm

The dress is really soft, it will be great for summer and winter with blouse underneath. I will make some lolita outfits using it soon, because I really, really love it <3 Looks great with and without petticoat! I just removed the tulle frill, because I don't really like visible tulle under dress :)

Second item: Black Velvet Layered Overdress Jacket
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Sadly, there is no shirring or lacing, so you need to carefully choose your size. For me it's a bit too big, but I can easily replace the back buttons. Top part is lined, there are also small pockets on bottom part. Buttons on front. Skirt part is made of two layers of velvet. I can't find any loose threads, so I think it's really well made.

Size S - UK8

Measurements from site:
Biust: 82 - 86 cm
Talia: 62 - 66 cm

My flat measurements:
Biust: 86 - 90 cm
Talia: 66 cm
Długość z przodu: 82 cm, z tyłu: 103 cm

I would give 10/10 because of overall look and quality, I took this size, because I know I can just move back buttons and it will fit me ;) It's jacket, so I will wear many layers underneath ;) It looks great with and without petticoat!

I'm really, really happy with both items and reacommend them to everyone, who think about buying^^


  1. Wow, I have looked at the stuff from the 2nd brand before, but never realised just how lovely it is! If it is around by next Winter, I might have to get it. Right now though it is summer and I will probably die of heatstroke in it! The way I dress, with my long sleeves and Victorian style, I am already in danger of that... :P

  2. Świetne! Każde z osobna i obie rzeczy razem :-)

  3. Strasznie podobają mi sie twoje sukienki :D Chyba ci jakąś ukradnę :D

  4. Ukraść nie dam, ale możesz pomacać i przymierzyć :3

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