Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Great Hot Stuff Bordello Whimsey Shoes Review

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These are the most comfortable shoes I own! I got them from the Great Hot Stuff shop, I picked size US 6- insole length 23.5 cm, and that's exactly their size. The sizing is very accurate. The package was delivered from the USA to Poland in 8 days by USPS.


The shoes were packaged in a Bordello logo box, and each shoe was packed separately in a fabric bag. Included was a drawstring bag, too.

The buttons are attached on elastic, so the shoes should fit a wide range of sizes. Boots are usually too wide for my calves so I resewed the top three buttons for a closer fit. After the button resewing the shoes fit very well. There is a zipper on the inside, which means you don't have to undo buttons to get the shoes on and off. They are very stable and well-shaped, and I haven't had any problems with them or with sore feet, and I've been wearing them for two weeks now.

+ : Stable, Fits a wide range of calf sizes, and buttons are easy to resew, Zipper, Very nicely finished, The perfect heel height- not too high or low, Lovely lining, Fast delivery, Three fabric bags extra, and separate packaging of the shoes means there wasn't a mark on them, and the package had been through a lot, No sore feet

- : Theoretically boots, but you probably won't get much wear out of them in a cold winter, but that's not a big problem, and they attract quite a bit of dust, but an ordinary lint roller does the trick.

I recommend these strongly to anyone who's been on the fence whether to get them or not!