Thursday, October 31, 2013

Corset underbust classic black XXS Review

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My old underbust is a bit ripped,  so I decided that I need a new one. I choosed the classic black underbust from Rebel Madness, because of the versatile cut and color.

This corset is made of 2 layers of fabric - black cotton fashion fabric and lining. 16 steel bones - 4 flat bones nd 12 spiral. Grommets are really good attached, I think it won't move. The length of busk is accurte. Waist tape is not visible, but it is there ;) One thing I fell in love with is underbusk. You can wear it with every color and it will be not visible under clasp. Nice lacing, but I will buy longer shoelace for this corset. It is a bit too short. Modesty panel made of the same fabric as outer layer. It will be simple to remove it if you don't like it, but I think it's really useful.

I love how my waist looks in it. Wearing it with pencil skirt could looks not really good on me, because I'm petite person and it looks a bit too big in hips area. But wearing it with petticoat looks great! Back of the corset is a bit higher than front side, so it will cover your bra ;)

I think it's really great thing even for casual wear - I wore it 4 hours yesterday! Really recommend Rebel Madness corsets.
By the way - they have a giveaway on their facebook - check it out!


  1. Piękny gorset! Właśnie mi przypomniałaś, że mój leży sobie w szafie i czeka, aż go przerobię, gdyż jestem za szczupła -_-"

  2. Mają konkurs, może wygrasz ;)

  3. Tak chcę go wygrać :<

  4. A ja chcę wiedzieć co to za buty. ;)

  5. gorset jest boski...i przy nim ciesze sie z mojej figury:D