Saturday, February 8, 2014

SpreePicky Clock Handbag!

Hello, everyone! Today I have  a small review for you! I was dreaming about a clock bag, so here it is!

Alice in Wonderland Clock Handbag from SpreePicky

Discount code: sariel
If you enter it you will get a 5$ discount :)

It's a two-way bag, you can just use longer strap or not, removing it is really easy. You can laso adjust the length of this strap. I took it in brown colorway and big size, it's 29 cm x 9 cm. In my personal opinion it's really well made, I was wearing it to school a few times, but we will see how it will be after 2~3 months. I really like this design, so I will use it really often.

I also got a cute hand written letter from store owner and free pair of tights!

Inside are 3 pockets, one zipped. Everything is really aesthetic, no holes, ripped seams or loose threads. The whole bag is made of quite thick material, so I think it's really durable, but we will see within next months, I will keep you updated!:)

And my coordination idea with dress from Dear Celine and shoes from Great Hot Stuff.


  1. czy to replika Baby??

  2. Też się zastanawiam, ale bardzo ładnie wygląda. :) Chciałabym taką, ale żeby wskazywała 17:00. :)
    Podoba mi się dobranie do niej ubrań. ;)

  3. Jak można wnioskować po napisie - tak, to jest replika Baby :P

  4. ojej.. jakie wspaniałości! :)

  5. Genialny!

  6. Ładna! W dodatku wydaje się być nieźle wykonana.

  7. Bardzo lubię Twój blog więc byłoby mi miło gdybyś mnie zaobserwowała :*