Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yea, I'm boring. Black and floral again.

Last days I don't have much time for blogging, I'm so sorry! I will try to post more often! Thank you for all your lovely emails!:)

Today I want to show you my outfit from last week.

My dress is from LolitaDressesShop. Link to this product. I wasn't sure about the quality of their dresses, but when it arrived  I was really happy. It's not perfect, but the only defect I found is not straight sewn lace under arm. Everything else is totally fine. Here are some photos of the dress.

I need to think about Qi Lolita outfit with this dress...:)


  1. Frędzelki kontrowersyjne ;D Chociaż może dodają właśnie charakteru, nie czynią z tego tak klasycznej kreacji.
    Ładna sukienka, pasuje Ci.

  2. Cudownie wyglądasz ;o


  3. Warkocz! Prosto do celu :D Bardzo tu pasuje.
    Śliczna ta sukienka.

  4. Wyglądasz prześlicznie, a sukienka też bardzo ładna ;)

  5. Ale ma frędzle. xD Fajna, pasuje Ci.

  6. I glad that you posted these pictures. It's nice to see this dress on a real person. You look really nice! :)

  7. Such a coincidence, I told my friend a few days ago that I wanted this dress!
    Are you wearing a petticoat? Because I want to wear it without one so am wondering what it will look like.

    And how does the part around the neck feel? Not tight?

  8. Are you wearing a petticoat? I want to get this dress but I'm not sure if I also need a petticoat.