Thursday, January 16, 2014

I was just wondering...

Last days I was wondering where Lolita Fashion is going. Several years ago a girl called Lolita was wearing black and white dresses with petticoats, headdresses, white socks with ribbons and light make-up. In those days I had fallen in love with this fashion. I liked elegant black dresses, blouses with collars, white tights. The outfits were cute, sober and not overdressed. Also headdresses were really cute and popular, used only in this style. Such a shame, that Lolis don't wear white tights so often anymore. It was really popular, almost every Lolita had thousands pairs. I didn't like kneesocks with laces though, but they are also really cute and unique. Now it's called Oldschool Lolita. Today Lolitas are wearing curly wigs, circle lenses, fake lashes and nails. Dressed in AP's top print. You can even buy a whole set including dress, blouse, socks, bonnet and accessories - everything with the same print. On the one hand - we can do really creative make-up, but on the other hand it's really hard to create diverse outfits. Personally, I don't like prints and wigs. In my opinion, it looks a bit grotesque, far from the elegant and classy oldschool look. I can't even imagine how long it could take everyday to put on a wig, lenses, lashes, nails, bb cream, dollstyle make-up... Of course, someone can like it, but I see it all the time... Do you really like this style? Don't you miss some oldschool feel? I really miss classy Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden dresses. They're so unique, modest and... beautiful.


  1. Hm, można nadal nosić oldschool, trzeba tylko wytrzymać pojawianie się na sikretach. :)

  2. While I think all the lolita styles that exist are great. I do favor the classic styles seen in Victoria Maiden, Juliet and Justine, Innocent World and Mary Magdalene. I hope one day to own at least one of these brands.

  3. My personal preference is Victorian with an appreciative glance toward Steampunk. The classic Lolita is quite good, if done with an eye toward age appropriate. I am somewhat disconcerted by some of the Asian Lolita models who look to be pre-teen. Perhaps it is my age getting in the way, but there is something bordering on perversion in admiring their beautiful dresses and looks.

  4. I myself tend to favor classical old school for it's elegance and modesty. It makes me feel like a lady, not a child.

    The fake everything has concerned me as well. It could just be me, but whenever I glue on lashes or pin a wig, I don't feel like myself. It feels like pretending. I put on a costume to pretend, to forget who I am.

    I fell in love with the lolita fashion, because I felt I could express who I am. Not pretend to be some one I'm not. That's what I like about your style, Sariel. I don't feel like it's fake and I don't perceive it to be a costume. It's who you are and apart of you life style.

    Every lolita has the right to dress as she pleases, but I myself do miss the old elegance.

  5. Wiele osób noszących lolita fashion decyduje się teraz na peruki/rzęsy/tipsy, ja(no, może bez tipsów). Nie oznacza to jednak, że typowy sweet z wielkimi printami opanuje cały świat. Wręcz zaobserwowałam, że teraz sweet traci popularność(w porównaniu do poprzednich lat). Ja lubię tak naprawdę 'całą' lolicią modę. I stary wygląd, i ten nowszy.
    Jeśli masz ochotę pooglądać minimalistyczny klasik, to polecam tumblr Louvrianne (, czy chociażby Fanny Rosie(

  6. To be true to the origin you should aim to dress as a 12 year old US school girl of the mid 1950s.