Monday, September 16, 2013

My way to get long hair.

Most of us dream of thick, shiny and healthy hair and strong nails. However, the sole use of cosmetics is not enough. In the media (especially during spring and autumn) we are bombarded by advertisements like "buy our dietary supplements, and we promise you miracles - our product is the best, cheapest and most effective". Not always, however, we want to buy and test different products, which, after all, do not contain only the good things, and the percentage of potentially beneficial components is not always large.

Either way, the secret is to strengthen the body from the inside out and equip it with the necessary, beneficial ingredients. The simplest and healthiest yet - because 100% natural - way is to use herbs rich in substances that are the most important for hair and nails: silicon, iron and chlorophyll. Herbs that contain a large amount of these ingredients are, among others, horsetail and nettle. So it is worth to carry out this strengthening treatment from herbal teas, having a duration approximately 2-3 weeks.

If you do not have dried herbs from your own garden, it is best to buy them in herbal stores. .There, you can buy them in small packages, so you can already see that they are actually herbs, not the hay dust in sachets. Better to not go looking on the shelves of supermarkets. Best buy separately dried horsetail and dried nettle leaves - a herb, not a ready-made "tea".

When we already have the necessary herbs, it's time to start our treatment.

Horsetail tea
For more absorbable form of silicon, you should make horsetail tea. Remember that it is necessary to cook horsetail! Because of the difficult solubility of the silica contained in this herb, boil it for at least 15 minutes.
Proportions and Method of preparation:
Put into a pot one tablespoon of dried horsetail herb, pour two cups of water and cook over low heat, covered, for at least 15 minutes (up to half an hour). When cooked, pour the liquid through a strainer into glasses and fill the water loss with boiling water (because the resulting brew is heavily concentrated). The first sip of this tea may be associated with drinking straw but you can quickly get used to the very refined taste, remembering that silica is very good for your hair, skin and nails.

Nettle tea
Nettle contains many useful substances, among others. calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, silicon and vitamins, organic acids and chlorophyll, which are needed for the body and have good influence on the condition of the nails and hair.
Method of preparation:
 Pour boiling water on a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves  and leave to infuse. You can both drink this herbal tea and use externally to rinse hair after washing. Interesting fact: by leaving for a few hours infusion of fresh nettle leaf tea you can get an essence with a beautiful, deep emerald colour. That essence is used as a natural food coloring.

Horsetail and nettle tea
It's about combining all necessary ingredients.
Method of preparation:
Prepare horsetail tea in the same way as before. Add some boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of dried nettle leaves. Cook no longer, but leave to strain. After about 15 minutes pour the mixture into glasses.

It is worth investing a few minutes a day in your health and enjoy traditional, natural ways to strengthen the body. However, remember that no treatment is a miracle and effects are not seen after two days of use! Regeneration of hair, nails, and generally the whole body is a process for the effects of which you need to wait patiently for a while. Strong nails will begin to grow. Generally for this type of conscientious treatment after a while you can observe gentle grooves across the nail. It is a kind of boundary between the time when the body had a shortage of needed nutrients, and when it had gotten them. After a while you will be able to enjoy stronger nails and hair.
Thus make a gift to yourselves and start this strengthening treatment soon! :)


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  4. Thank you for writing about this, it's is very informative! I have a problem with weak nails so I'll have to try this.