Friday, March 14, 2014

Circle Lenses from Uniqso

I was wondering... What do you think about circle lenses? It's really popular last days. Even I decided to try them :) It was first time when I tried it and I really like them. Looks awesome and it's not that strange to put it on eyes! I was afraid on the beginning, but right now I can wear them for hours and it's really comfortable.

Left - me without lenses,  right - me wearing Ulzzang Ulzzang-GEO CK107 from Uniqso.

And here I'm wearing GEO Xtra WTA02 Blue from Uniqso as well. I think I like black ones more. What do you think? Better with or without? Black or blue?:)

And if you want to buy lenses you can try Uniqso. Package arrived really quickly and communication was great. They created for me a discount code, so if you want a 10% discount just put "sariel"!:)

I really can't wait for my studio photoshoot with lenses!


  1. Masz śliczne włosy :)

  2. O rany! Wyglądasz zupełnie inaczej, nie poznałabym : D Czarne lepsze, tak myślę~

  3. Takie szerokie soczewki niezmiennie kojarzą mi się z wampirami