Monday, October 28, 2013

Sourpuss Review! Out to Sea Dress

Some weeks ago I got a "Out to Sea" dress from Sourpuss Clothing.

Link to the product

It's a halter dress in black and cream with a nautical theme of octopuses and anchors. I choosed the smallest size - S, and sadly it's still too big for me, as I'm quite petite girl^^'  I need to wear it with corset.

The dress is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

Measurements from page:
Bust: 81 - 86 cm
Waist: 66 - 71 cm

Flat measurements of my dress:
Bust: 82 - 98 cm (it's really elastic on back, but it could be a bit uncomfortable  to wear if you stretch it too much)
Waist: 72 - 90 cm
Skirt length: 52 cm

I would recommend it for people with bigger measurements than mine (82/60).

The dress is great for rockabilly or pin-up outfits, I thought abot an lolita outfit using it, but it's a bit too tight for lolita petticoat. On photos I put there a casual petti.

It don't have any zipper, since you can unclip the buttons. Shirring on the back is reeeaaally stretchy:)

Inside photos:

- great design!
- very stretchy shirring
- reasonable price
- 95% cotton
- fast shipping
- good packaging
- discount code for second purchase :P

- size chart is quite inaccurate


  1. Jest piękna. Nie przepadam za 'morskimi' sukienkami, ale ta mnie urzekła. ;)

  2. Uwielbiam sukienki w tym stylu :) Mam bardzo podobną tylko w czarno-białe pasy, idealnie podkreśla figurę :)